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Dog accessories and pet tags
Training tools and dog toys
Pet clothes and beds
Aquarium goods

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FREE Delivery
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Product groups

Dog accessories and pet tags

  • Wear-resistant materials: genuine leather, nylon, COLLARTEX;
  • A huge pet accessories' assortment with a bunch variety of colors and designs
  • Hardware is covered by Lifetime Global Warranty
  • Modern Pet ID tags with QR passports for registration in the international pet data
Dog accessories and pet tags

Training dog tools and dog toys

PULLER - innovative dog fitness tool:

  • Provides active trainings
  • Helps to improve relationship with pet

Pet toys for active games and trainings:

  • Absolutely safe for dog’s teeth and gums
  • Wide size grid for dog of any breed
  • Bright, pleasant and eye-catching designs
Training dog tools and dog toys

Pet clothes and beds

  • The world’s lightest dog jackets
  • Vivid designs, including unique designs approved by NASA and Warner Bros.
  • Comfortable models designed to suit the needs of dogs of different breeds
  • Cozy and enjoyable pet beds with removable covers
Pet clothes and beds

Aquarium goods

  • The most silent aquarium compressors in the world.
  • Innovative LED lamps and lightnings
  • Products were highly appreciated by experts from Europe, USA and Asia
Aquarium goods

Our brands


WAUDOG is an endless assortment of accessories for pets and their owners. The brand’s assortment includes over 10 collections and 40 designs, including unique designs approved by NASA and Warner Bros.



Collars and leashes are made of an innovative COLLARTEX material, which was developed by COLLAR Company. Such pet accessories can withstand loads up to 500 kg and is easy to wash.



The brand of stylish and comfortable pet clothing. The world’s lightest jackets, warm overalls and soft harnesses are designed for pet’s comfort and up-to-date outfit.

AiryVest logo


Beloved dog toy. Extremely lightweight, soft and chewproof.

LIKER logo


PitchDog are universal toys for dogs and active games with them. All brand products are made of both dog’s teeth safe and floating material!

PitchDog logo


Flyber — the first double-sided flying disk for dogs and their owners!

Flyber logo


PULLER – an innovative training tool for dogs, consisting of two rings. With the help of a set of specially designed exercises with PULLER the dog gets a full physical and emotional load.



AquaLighter is a brand of innovative products for professional and novice aquarists. Each device and product of the brand is designed to be attractive in appearance and highly functional in content.

AquaLighter logo
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About us

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The COLLAR Company’s main office and manufacturing are located in Chernihiv, a city that has been shelled and attacked relentlessly by airstrikes in early March. Our manufacturing facilities and office buildings were badly affected.

The company had to resume operations and relocate its premises to a safer place. We have already revived our business and manufacturing activities.

We will rebuild COLLAR better, that it was. I guarantee it myself. Over the last 26 years, the Company has gone through some shocks and I’m convinced that this situation will only make us stronger and more successful.

Yuriy Sinitsa

Every order helps to rebuild Chernihiv

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